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Comedyfessionals is a creative think tank of multiple personality-shape shifting-super hero-genius comics, writers, producers, directors, actors, designers, developers, editors, animators, publicists, media consultants, stylists, photographers, artists, public speakers, sugar daddies, rebels, activists, deprogrammers, clowns, jugglers, stilt walkers, mimes, hustla’s, and their beloved pets Beaute, Sugar Plum, Trixie, Sprinkles, Cloud, Tinker, Rootie Tootie, Tree and Ghost Face Killa.

We’re always interested in players that live and breathe comedy, play well with others,  have mind meld experience with work-a-room know how and get the damn job done mastery!!!  We also dig eco-friendly, pet loving folk that get down with the brown. Come correct and equipped with wit,  packing much creativity and  positive global contribution consciousness!

Old Hollywood glamour marries young Hollywood swagga—that’s Comedyfessionals corporate culture!

Give us a holla today! For more information on careers at Comedyfessionals, contact us or check our jobs board and get in where ya fit in!