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“The most important Comedyfessionals collabo that we make is our strategic partners.” —Rhonda Coleman, The Comedyfessional-In-Chief

Comedyfessionals collabo’s are power packed synergistic alliances with individuals, organizations and companies that we actually like! Leveraging our assets, capabilities, expertise, client base and more for mutual benefit of all parties. We’re committed to helping our like minded strategic partners accomplish similar goals that exemplify the term win-win relationship. Comedyfessionals shares the responsibilities and the resources along with the  risks of our strategic relationships while complimenting our partners with our core compentencies.

“Comedyfessionals creatively builds bridges that are essential to our success!” —Rhonda Coleman, The Comedyfessional-In-Chief

Comedyfessionals has rewritten the age old code and is transcending business principles in the new economy of  entertainment, talent, content , knowledge, creativity and technology. We are focus driven on connectivity and intangibles vs physical assets and scale economies. Our improvement upon the design has empowered us to build and manage complex ecologies around Comedyfessionals in order to succeed.

“Comedyfessionals builds bridges to support our strategic partners instead of the typical moats most organizations construct against their competitors.” —Rhonda Coleman, The Comedyfessional-In-Chief

Consider where to allocate your precious resources and choose Comedyfessionals as your strategic partner in entertainment, philanthropy and events especially if you or your organization:

Strategic Alliances

Comedyfessionals strategic alliances enables us to gain competitive advantage through accesing a partners resources, markets, technologies, capital and talent.

Collaborative practices are strongly encouraged by our principals.  We  team up with other organizations especially in distribution channels, technology and finance adding our branded complimentary resources and capabilities on the regular. These strategic alliances propel us forward to experience growth and expansion effortlessly while freeing us up to concentrate on our core business to produce comedy content and talent!

Choose Comedyfessionals collaboration and strategic partnerships!

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