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Comedyfessionals believes that it is simply never enough for esteemed organizations to sponsor or partner with our organization. Each sponsor must indeed leverage that sponsorship in order to achieve and maximize the desired results. Your marketing dollars are valuable to all parties involved but most importantly we recognize that value and are aggressively positioned to assist our corporate sponsors in appropriating those precious funds to stimulate our audience. The long term relationship between Comedyfessionals and our corporate sponsors is absolutely priceless. That said, our team works hard to earn that relationship over and over again, each and every single day. Believe that.

Sponsorship outpaces the growth of advertising and promotion. In fact in 2007 a total of $54 billion dollars was devoted to corporate sponsorships. Typically major corporations are spending 24% and beyond of their marketing budgets on sponsorships. Most corporate sponsorship budget decisions are made in Q4, Q1 and Q3 respectively.

Comedyfessionals is committed to reserving sponsorship activation accounts for our sponsor partners and doing the back end work to insure your success. Not only is Comedyfessionals committed to insuring that your corporate sponsorship investment in the Comedyfessionals  property is the right opportunity for your corporation, we will provide solutions to your marketing needs. Our in house data capture is the best in the world which allows us to provide a sophisticated tracking, monitoring and end user event reports to our corporate sponsor partner. The Comedyfessionals team will provide critical market and audience research, stimulating sponsorship campaigns and also assist you in leveraging your sponsorship opportunity. This will be the best sponsorship opportunity your organization has ever been invited to participate in.

Join us as we introduce our talent, services, products and corporate sponsors to the global community while making our mark as the full service multi-cultural comedy content and talent provider.  Comedyfessionals  is proud to cordially extend a sponsorship invitation to:


  • Comedyfessionals Magazine
  • Comedyfessionals Blog
  • Comedyfessionals Association
  • Comedyfessionals Talent Search
  • Comedyfessionals Screenplay Contest
  • Comedyfessionals Showcase
  • Comedyfessionals University
  • Comedyfessionals Laugh-A-Nomics
  • Comedyfessionals Humour Therapy Laughercise-Smile-A-Robics
  • Comedyfessionals Philanthropic Campaigns
  • Comedyfessionals TV
  • Comedyfessionals Clubs
  • Comedyfessionals Retreats
  • Comedyfessionals Camps
  • Comedyfessionals Social Network


  • Comedyfessionals Fashion Show
  • Comedyfessionals Field Day
  • Comedyfessionals Celebrity Pool Party
  • Comedyfessionals Cruise
  • Comedyfessionals Invitational
  • Comedyfessionals Celebrity Poker Tournament
  • Comedyfessionals Eyes Wide Shut Mansion Party
  • Comedyfessionals Scratch N Sniff Party
  • Comedyfessionals Beautefessionals Event
  • Comedyfessionals Sexyfessional Event
  • Comedyfessionals Old Hollywood Glamour Event
  • Comedyfessionals Meet Investors Event
  • Comedyfessionals Martini & Stiletto Party

Comedyfessionals Provides the Following Fulfillment to Our Corporate Sponsors:

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High Visibility To Targeted, Focused on Funny, Saavvy Audience:

Comics | Comics-In-Training  | Veteran Comics  | Comedy Icons
Entertainment Executives |  Media | Publishing Executives
Buyers of Comedy Talent | Meeting Planners
Celebrities | Professional Athletes | Comedy Fans
Politicians | Financiers | Health Care | Pharmasuetical Companies |
Law Enforcement | Military |  ExCons | Housewives | Hoes

Corporate Investment In Comedyfessionals Offers:

What a Comedyfessionals Sponsorship Can Do For Your Organization:

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